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  • Jace:

    Why hello there I'm Jace Light-

  • Brother Zachariah:

    Oh really? Tell me more about it.

  • Brother Zachariah:

    Bitch, everything about you screams "HERONDALE"

  • Brother Zachariah:

    oh tell me how you feel about ducks

  • Brother Zachariah:

    and the pianist fingers bitch this was MY idea.

  • Brother Zachariah:

    also aren't you like, a sarcastic teenager with a tortured soul and invisible inner goodness

  • Brother Zachariah:

    and tell me more about falling for a girl you can't have for some reason

  • Brother Zachariah:

    liked A Tale Of Two Cities much?

  • Brother Zachariah:

    oh and did you know the guy whose eyes you inherited was named after me, by my FUCKING HERONDALE PARABATAI.

  • Brother Zachariah:

    Call yourself Lightwood one more time, bitch.

  • Brother Zachariah:


  • Brother Zachariah:


  • Brother Zachariah:


  • Jace:






Who the fuck named the Sahara Desert anyway

Sahara is just the Arabic word for “deserts”

You fucking named it the Desert Desert

way to fucking go

chai tea

I’ll take “European Imperialists Who Never Bothered To Translate The Local Languages” for $200, Alex.

"Soviet" means "union"
The Union Union

We’re good at this.

the world is full of nothing but moon moons we are all moon moon all of us


this is suspiciously comforting


Banye, an adorable 11-year-old British Shorthair who lives in Shanghai with his owner winnnie,  looks perpetually surprised thanks to a patch of dark fur strategically grown beneath his mouth.


every scene from this show is on tumblr


Husbands can be incredibly helpful.

Crown too heavy like the Queen Nefertiti.